Luxury vacation Guangxi, Hotel ShanShuiVilla

AllegroItalia Hotels & Resorts is the first chain of luxury, five star and Italian style hotels to be run in Guilin, in the Guangxi region in China.

ShanShuiVilla is made up of luxurious villas with private gardens and a unique view of the river Li. Every villa is decorated in a different way with particular details, and complete with a garden and private swimming pool.

Guilin, a historic city and more recognized than China for tourism, is visited by about 20 million people a year. It is renowned for its enchanting background of artists and poets, the grandiosity of the rock formations, the beauty of its rivers, and the oddness of its grottoes. Guilin is easy to get to on the fast train from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which is one hour and a half away.

Allegro Hotels & Resorts is taking an important step towards internalization by innovatively running a hotel chain with traditional, elegant and luxurious values, which have the potential to compete with the oriental ones.

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