AllegroItalia Partners

Italian Hotels Chain continuously growing while we try to keep up-to-date with everything happening all over Italy, to be able to establish successful Partnerships and trasform our guests’ stay into a truly unique Italian experience.


A journey into the world of chocolate which will blast all of your senses! Guido Gobino, an Italian craftsman, is capable of combining passion, tradition and innovation. These three elements make Guido’s chocolate famous and unique.
Both Guido Gobino and  AllegroItalia Golden Palace designed the Chocolate Suite, which offers guests the chance to fully appreciate the renowned chocolate.


The Italian manufacturer of luxury sportscars. AllegroItalia Hotels & Resorts is proud to announce its partneship with Maserati in Turin and Rimini.
AllegroItalia Golden Palace offers the Maserati Suite for all lovers of Italian luxury automobilism. This experience will be unforgettable for all the ‘Maserati addicted’ guests.
AllegroItalia Savoia Rimini has an elegant and powerful blue Maserati Quattroporte on display for all of it’s guests. The car is a classic Italian design and is a model capable of combining style and speed. The car is at the front of the hotel and is available for short and long-term rent. It will give you the chance to fully enjoy and admire the riviera of Emilia Romagna.


Armani/Casa, a world leader in the luxury furnishing sector, provided interior design services for the Condotel AllegroItalia San Pietro all’Orto 6 and created elegant, comfortable and stylish room in the Centre of Milan.


Italian entrepreneur and designer with a huge influence in Japan and China. He combines tradional Italian designs with an innovative use of classic materials.
AllegroItalia Golden Palace and Massimo Rebecchi exchange glamorous ideas during meetings in the outdoor sitting area.
Massimo Rebecchi was a sponsor for the first edition of the Luxury Hospitality Forum, held at AllegroItalia Baia dei Faraglioni. The forum was dedicated to the new trends of the hospitality world and the development of the industry.